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This time it was her Coq au Vin.  A classic, I suppose, but after spending a good part of the day on it, not worth the time and trouble. 

Leftovers tomorrow.  Also, I almost burned the house down when I went to do laundry, but crises averted!
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I worked very hard today on buying books for work--it's so time consuming.   Nonfiction titles for now; I'll work on fiction again at some point.

Another Julia Child recipe tonight!  Bouef A La Catalane--a stew made of beef, rice, onions and tomatoes.  It was delicious, but it took 3 1/2 hours to make.  I didn't mind, though, as the process of cooking was what I wanted.  It went well with some green beans from this week's produce box .  I was a little concerned, since they were so big, but a little extended cooking time made them tender and tasty.

Bon Appetit

Oct. 9th, 2011 08:09 pm
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Last night I watched the movie Julie and Julia.  It made me go and pull out my old copies of Mastering the Art of French Cooking and try a recipe.  Here it is--Thon A La Provencale (sorry about the lack of accents; I am too lazy to try to make them work).  Aka, Tuna Steaks With Wine, Tomatoes, and Herbs.

Voila! )
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Did y'all watch Glee this week--the part where the AV Club president girl sneezes on Principal Figgins, and you see the sneeze in slo-mo?

Well, that sort of happened to me today.


First, I had just bent over to point to something in a student's book, and he went "coughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcough" on me.  I am not kidding. 

Then later, there was a kid who normally is a sweetheart.  He came in to do research with this look on his face, sat down and would not do a single thing.  I asked what was wrong, but he wouldn't talk to me.  I cajoled him into doing a little, and when he came in later to check out a book, I leaned in close and whispered, "so, what was the deal with social studies class?  What was wrong?"  And he replied, "well, I have a REALLY sore throat and I feel terrible."


Also, this today:

child:  *sits and stares at questions he's supposed to be answering*
me:  Ok, time to get to work!
child: *rolls eyes* I'm using my prior knowledge!

Allllllllso, these are pretty hilarious for library school humor:

Library School: Hurts So Good


Library School: Get Swingin'

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  I'm off to make pies!
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pumpkin spice latte
sweet and creamy BFF
how i will miss you

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It's been a good week. This will be quick, so I hope [ profile] emmaco doesn't mind if I use her format of Happy Things from my week.

  1. Thanksgiving was lovely. All the food turned out well, and was done at the same time. Yay. The rolls were to die for.
  2. Although I lost at Scrabble, like always, I didn't disgrace myself. And I redeemed myself a little by not sucking at Trivial Pursuit.
  3. I got some good bargains on Black Friday.
  4. A purchase on Ebay is going to make someone extremely happy at Christmas.
  5. I spent most of the day Saturday combing used bookstores in town, hunting for books for my library. I don't like having to do this on my own time, but I love the used bookstores, so it was ok. I also don't like buying used books for the library--it doesn't do authors, publishing companies, libraries or the students any favors--but with with such a tiny budget this year, I feel like I have no choice.
  6. It was wonderful having five days off work and spending the time with family.
  7. Today was so warm that you could go outside in short sleeves.
  8. Ozzie loves his new flippy cat toy. He's been dashing around like a kitten.
  9. The movie The Taking of Pelham 123 was actually pretty good.
  10. I bought a big, red Purse of Awesome.
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This morning I went to the farmer's market to get

Ok, it'll never win a Caldecott...prepare for picspam )

Ass Kisser

Mar. 25th, 2009 07:13 pm
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Because work kicked my ass today.


It's very good!
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Even if a recipe calls for three cloves of garlic, if it's RAW garlic it's probably better to stop at two.

At least that's what I--and everyone around me--think.

Quick trip

Jul. 30th, 2008 10:29 pm
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Over the weekend I visited Beaufort, South Carolina, a lovely antebellum town on the coast in the southern part of the state.
(It's pronounced Biew-furt) )
Eating at the Shrimp Shack was a really bad idea.  I knew it was a bad idea, just looking at the place, but trust me.  It was a Bad Idea.
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I slogged through Small Gods by Terry Pratchett and in the end it managed to delight me and surprise me a little bit.  The Discworld books are always fun and almost always make me stop and think in the end.  This time it was about faith.  The religions in the book are contrived; mocking the type of religion a lot of people have, where faith is only done by rote in an effort to look out for oneself.  In Small Gods, gods exist only if humans believe in them.  Brutha has a blind faith in the god Om and that faith brings Om back into power, but Brutha's faith is only complete and powerful once he questions it and sees through the things others have done in religion's name--things he once would have gone along with, without considering why.

Some of the ideas made me cringe a little, but hey, if faith can't stand up to some poking and you never examine it carefully, then what good is it?

I've also been reading Some of the Kinder Planets by Tim Wynne-Jones, which I borrowed from the mwt library.  It's out of print, but he's written lots of other books, including the Rex Zero ones, and A Thief in the House of Memory and The Boy in the Burning House, both of which I've heard good things about.  Can he possibly be related to Diana Wynne Jones, only with an extraneous hyphen? Anyway, the short stories are so good that they make even a non-writer like me think of writing.  He makes it seem that effortless, taking ordinary situations and making them extraordinary.

EditSome of the Kinder Planets does not seem to be out of print, according to Amazon.

Have I mentioned that I am a champagne junkie?  A champagne ho?   I love love love the stuff.  A surprise bottle of it showed up in the refrigerator.  Woot! 

ALA! Pt. 2

Jul. 3rd, 2007 04:53 pm
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A continuation from the previous post.  The YALSA YA Breakfast and the Newbery/Caldecott Banquet.

Oh, and the dessert was awesome.   Then I went back to my hotel room and hacked into an unsecured wireless network.  Take that, Hilton!

Next post:  The highlight of the conference, the Printz Reception.  

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Is The Bomb.

Watch out for brain freeze, though.


Jan. 18th, 2007 10:46 am
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They cancelled school today.

We have, at most, half an inch of snow.  It's fine having a day off, but.  First, they didn't call it until 7:00.  I was practically ready to walk out the door so there was no question of going back to bed.  Second, we'll have to make this day up in February.  Third, it's just so fricking quiet around here.   

I will not make cookies.

I will not make cookies.

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You know the saying "comfort food" that refers to those foods that make us feel comfortable and good?  It occured to me today that I have comfort clothing, too.  Certain things that I wear on a day like today--the first day back to work after a long weekend, a rainy, dreary, January-doldrums day.  When I got ready for work, I reached for my favorite, ancient cashmere sweater that I got on sale many years ago just after Christmas.  It's so soft and comfy, and I don't care that it has some tiny coffee spots on it that I haven't gotten around to trying to clean.  It's a pale blue and I always feel good when I wear it.

Now, if I'm at home my comfort clothes are a pair of gym pants and a sweatshirt.

What are your comfort clothes like?


Jan. 15th, 2007 08:50 pm
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It has taken me forever to finish Undine by Penni Russon.  I kept putting it down for a day or two before I'd remember, "Oh, yeah, I'm reading a book.  I should finish it, I suppose."  It just didn't hold my interest, and although I liked aspects of it, on the whole I was disappointed.

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 I suppose if you spread peanut butter on your "100 Calorie Snacks" they no longer qualify as 100 calorie snacks.


Oct. 1st, 2006 09:41 am
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[personal profile] emmaco!  I finally bought a passionfruit!

It's not much to look at, is it?

So, what exactly should I do with it now?


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