Jun. 5th, 2010 09:38 pm
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Muse fans, this is really cool:

Time is running Out - the Section Quartet

and this is LOVE:

That's Not My Name - the Ting Tings

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Swiped this from [ profile] crowinator .  It's lots of fun! I tag anyone else who'd like to do it.

The songs )


Jan. 18th, 2008 08:12 pm
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Damn you, Itunes exclamation marks!  Where the hell do you come from?  What have you done with my songs?
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Yes, it's signed by all the band members.  And, Emerald, it's better than the other one.  You know. *wink*


Feb. 11th, 2007 05:29 pm
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I saw the movie Dreamgirls and loved it.  The first 15 minutes had me captivated, and the costumes, the performances and the music are all done perfectly.  I didn't know Eddie Murphy could sing, but, man, can he.  Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce were fabulous.   The person I saw the movie with turned to me after about 30 minutes and said, "Wait, is this a musical?" :D  He wanted to see Norbit. 

I read Gossamer by Lois Lowry in about an hour, and Lord knows I'm not a fast reader.  It was recommended to me by a teacher friend, and was discussed when award time came around last month.  I liked it and think it would make a great novel to "teach" to middle readers, and a great fantasy novel for young readers who don't like fantasy.  Of course, I compare all her books to The Giver, which I consider one of the best books written for children/young adults.  Ms. Lowry needed to redeem herself with me, as I still haven't forgiven her for the ending to Messenger.  Redemption was found in Gossamer.  What Lowry does very, very well is create a believable new world in just a few pages.  There is never an extra word in her books, and she creates the real vs. dream worlds of Gossamer just as well.  The novel is a slight 140 pages, but we ache with love and hurt for the characters in the brief time we are with them.  There is an old lady, a small boy, a tiny dream-giver with a gossamer touch, and her elderly teacher.  Oh, and a sweet, sweet dog, for which I am always a sucker.

I'm loving me some Jane Eyre, btw.


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