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It came and went, and wasn't bad at all here.  Gusty winds and some rain, but not much else.  Unfortunately, the eastern part of the state suffered much damage, including coastal roads washed out, flooding, and a lot of wind damage.  Here is a photo of some of the worst road damage.  This is near Hatteras Lighthouse, where I visited a few years ago.  

But it could have been much, much worse.

School is going well.  It's super-busy, but classes started coming today and it was nice. 

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This is just wrong.

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I've neglected listing the books I've read lately but wanted to tell about one that I just finished.  And loved.  Operation Yes, by Sara Lewis Holmes. 

Operation Yes )

It's definitely a lower-level book and PERFECT for sixth graders.  Oh, and it has a very cool librarian who, instead of swearing, says, "Green Eggs and Ham!" or "Frog and Toad!" or "Tuck Everlasting!"  :)


Jan. 30th, 2010 08:35 pm
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Poor flox.


Dec. 7th, 2009 11:27 am
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And the most beautiful sunrise imaginable.

But no heat in the library today, alas.
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This morning I went to the farmer's market to get

Ok, it'll never win a Caldecott...prepare for picspam )


Oct. 3rd, 2009 06:32 pm
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My next door neighbor found a copperhead snake in her back yard. I'll just stay here on my safe, snake-free porch.

But it's good to know their bites aren't typically fatal!

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...came out in my back yard in full force tonight.  It was raining and I had to keep one hand over the camera so it didn't get wet.  Sorry about the zooming in part. It didn't work well, but I zoom back out pretty quickly.

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I just finished The Last Child by John Hart and practically ran to the computer to blog about it.  I liked it that much.

Read more... )

Author John Hart calls himself a "recovering attorney" and he's been compared to John Grisham and Scott Turow.  This book reminded me of The Client.  But I liked this better.  The book debuted at number 10 on the NY Times bestseller list this week.  Hart's first book was nominated for an Edgar for best new author and his second, Down River, won an Edgar for best mystery.


Feb. 11th, 2009 10:48 pm
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It'll be spring soon. In my yard I noticed today:
more... )

And there was a bluebird in the yard this afternoon.
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I feel the need to give you a severe talking-to.  An extra day off work was fine.  I enjoyed it, I admit.  But did it need to snow *that* much?  And these ridiculous temperatures--eighteen degrees?  Really?  Is that necessary?  And now a second day off?  Sure it's relaxing, but you *do* realize that I have to make these days up DURING SPRING BREAK.  I heartily disapprove of this.

Please, Weather, don't make me come out there.  I'm very disappointed in you, but it's never too late to make amends.  A 50 degree day just might do it.


EDIT:  4:30 pm, 38 degrees

Much obliged, Weather.  Keep this up and you'll be back in my good graces soon.
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I don't know how anyone could be in a bad mood with a sky that looks like this.


Apr. 10th, 2008 10:18 pm
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The azaleas in my front yard are blooming.

Along with the phlox by the mailbox.

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I'm off to do something fun (I hope) next week.

My state provides funding for the NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching, which offers classes and seminars in the Appalachian Mountains in the western part of the state, near the campus of Western Carolina University.  Teachers can apply to go to week-long classes and the program pays to put you up in their facility and funds a substitute teacher while you're gone.  A group of us are going to learn more about using things like wikis and blogs as teaching tools.  We get to use Western's library and fitness center.  It's a beautiful area and I'm excited about going--I've been to Asheville before, but never to Cullowhee. 

I'll still be around, though.  Virtually, that is.  

Pirates III

Sep. 2nd, 2007 08:43 pm
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Appalachian State beat Michigan!  Wow. 

August is going in the record books as the hottest month on record here since at least 1944.  It was over 90 (32 C) degrees all but one day this month, and it got over 100 (38 C) six times.  We had .91 inches of rain.  Jeez.

I finally saw Pirate of the Caribbean 3.  Did anyone else think it was terrible?  I kept wondering, "What is going on??"    There were two people sitting near me in the cinema with 1-year-olds who let them run up and down the aisle and chatter.   And lots of kids who were 4 or 5.  What is wrong with these people?  

After I got home I felt really sick.  I decided I was seasick.  All that swirling around, swingin on ropes, riding the waves for two and a half hours.  I'm serious; I think that's what it was.

I had had it by the end of the movie and was close to being first out of the theater.  Silly me, I had no idea there is a scene, after the credits, of Will and Elizabeth 10 years later.   The scene makes no sense until you read about it online.  I watched it on YouTube and came up with my own dialogue...

I've started Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer and it's gripping so far. 



Aug. 5th, 2007 09:26 pm
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I've said for years that I'd like to live closer to the coast but I don't know if I really could. My hair was a curly, frizzy mess the entire time I was there. Someone said, "I didn't know hair could stick out in so many directions." My hair and I are back to normal today.

Two more weeks, then back to work. 
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Well, my team tanked, but that was ok.  They just weren't as prepared as other teams but they did quite respectably, so they can hold up their heads.  It was quite the horrible day for me, though, sitting on a hard plastic chair for five hours and clicking away on the stopwatch until I am sure I have carpel tunnel.  Blech.

Here is the list of books they had to read and answer questions about, in case anyone is interested.

I got roped into being a "judge," too, which is ridiculous since I really haven't read that many of the books on the list and the ones I've read I don't remember that well.  I acted like I knew what I was talking about, which is all that matters. :) 
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We're taking the team to competition tomorrow.  I think they will do pretty well, but I'll be surprised if they win.  There are several younger students on the team and they just don't seem mature or directed enough to keep their heads when the questions get hard.  That's ok.  They are beside themselves with excitement and not intimidated at all.  They are confident.  I think they will have fun, which is an added bonus.  

I have to work at the competition, which really sucks.  While another teacher is with the team, I'll be clicking the ol' stopwatch all day.  Plus, we have to leave at 7 am.  Jeez. 


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