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Boy, did I need a spring break.  It was super-productive.  Some of the things I did:

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How am I ever going to go back to work on Monday?
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I am thankful for cute Ozzie socks from a distant friend.  <3
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It's been a good week. This will be quick, so I hope [ profile] emmaco doesn't mind if I use her format of Happy Things from my week.

  1. Thanksgiving was lovely. All the food turned out well, and was done at the same time. Yay. The rolls were to die for.
  2. Although I lost at Scrabble, like always, I didn't disgrace myself. And I redeemed myself a little by not sucking at Trivial Pursuit.
  3. I got some good bargains on Black Friday.
  4. A purchase on Ebay is going to make someone extremely happy at Christmas.
  5. I spent most of the day Saturday combing used bookstores in town, hunting for books for my library. I don't like having to do this on my own time, but I love the used bookstores, so it was ok. I also don't like buying used books for the library--it doesn't do authors, publishing companies, libraries or the students any favors--but with with such a tiny budget this year, I feel like I have no choice.
  6. It was wonderful having five days off work and spending the time with family.
  7. Today was so warm that you could go outside in short sleeves.
  8. Ozzie loves his new flippy cat toy. He's been dashing around like a kitten.
  9. The movie The Taking of Pelham 123 was actually pretty good.
  10. I bought a big, red Purse of Awesome.
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...loves wrapping paper.

I went to see the movie Slumdog Millionaire without knowing much about it.  I'm so glad I went!  Wonderful! 


Apr. 22nd, 2008 07:00 pm
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A quick and easy meme, taken from [profile] pcw_rcw .

1. My Username is _____ because _____ .

2. My personal LJ is entitled _____ because _____ .

3. My personal LJ is subtitled _____ because _____ .

4. My Friends Page is called _____ because _____ .

5. My Default Userpic is _____ because _____ .

I tag YOU.  If you're reading this, go for it. 
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I posted this in Chatzy, but thought I'd put it here, too.

Funny story, and I swear it's true. A year or so ago, a rodent-creature got in through the attic and ended up in my bedroom.
Ozzie sat and watched it scurrying around, leaving little trails of poop, and me scurrying around after it. I caught it in a box and said, "WTF IS this thing??" I carried it up the street and let it go. Looked it up online, and it was a FLYING SQUIRREL.  

They are nocturnal, and darling with their big brown eyes.

Two days later, there was another one in my attic. I could hear it running around. I bought one of those safe traps and caught it. Took it to work (a mile and a half) and let it go. Over the course of the next few weeks, I kept catching them and taking them to work. The science teachers loved me. We'd let them go in a wooded area behind the school. I read about them, and found they can live in nests of up to 50!

I also read that they will travel miles to get back to their nest. After I caught nine of them, I began to wonder if I might be catching the same one over and over. When I caught  it the next time, I took a Q-tip and put a dab of green paint on its tail. About a week later I caught another one. Guess what? Yes, it had green paint on it.

I'D CAUGHT THE SAME FRICKIN' ONE 10 TIMES. It must have been exhausted by then. Drove it several miles away and let it go, and haven't seen another one since. I imagine it living, quite happily, in someone else's attic.

At least I didn't know they could do this.

Happy Birthday, my dear friend Kate.  Enjoy the trip to NYC



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I woke up this morning to the sound of Ozzie throwing up.  In my slipper.  What's with that?  It's as if he did that on purpose.  Needless to say, I have  a brand new pair of slippers now.

I mentioned in one of my first LJ entries that my cat is a miracle of modern science, but I didn't explain why. I will now.

Things like this illustrate to me that we do what we have to do.  People demonstrate that every day, and my little unpleasantness is minor compared to what many people deal with in life.  Keeping things in perspective--that's what it's all about.   Wow.  How philosophical.

Click on both photos of Oz.  He is darling. 
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Why checkers? Well, it was my first cat's name.

Then I had Polly, then Max and Louie, and now Ozzie. Ozzie is technically Anne's cat, but he lives with me for now.

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Ozzie is a miracle of modern science. He got sick four years ago, and on that Valentine's Day the vet told me he might live three more months. And here he is, four years later, helping me type this journal.

Go figure.


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