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Boy, did I need a spring break.  It was super-productive.  Some of the things I did:

  • Cleaned all kinds of crap out of the attic.  Took a load to the dump (this is fun--you get to throw your crap into a huge bin, and it is oh-so-gratifying) and a load to Goodwill.
  • Ordered new carpet for a spare bedroom that mr. checkers is repainting.
  • Got a new light fixture for the kitchen to replace the one mr. checkers broke while emptying the dead bugs out of it.
  • Bought dress for Easter, and some "shapewear".  Trying on "shapewear" involves a real workout.  The stuff is made of iron, I swear.  But goodness, how it "shapes".
  • Browsed the Internet for potential kittens.  :)
  • Got the new work laptop ready to use.
  • Sat out in the sun.  A lot.
  • Went to the gym.
  • Worked in the yard.
  • Played hours of Zelda Skyward Sword.
  • Started some craft projects.  Didn't manage to finish any, yet.  Here are some pictures, because god only knows how long it might take to finish them.
I'm making a headstone for Ozzie's grave.  It's concrete, with mosaic and will have his name and dates on it.  Here's what I've got so far, laid out on white paper.

I've been working on this wall hanging thingie for awhile now.  AWHILE, people.  It's corks from bottles of wine, and I've been saving them for years, I am not a wino, I swear.  I'm gluing them to an old cabinet door I got from the Durham Scrap Exchange.  Champagne corks are at the top.  :)

Sticking to the wine motif, I drilled holes in the cool wine bottles, and will fill them with twinkle lights.  The bottles of Two Cocky Sisters will go to mr. checkers' sisters, who are cocky indeed.  :)

How am I ever going to go back to work on Monday?
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